The Proposal

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The Proposal
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The Proposal  this is a mysterious object puzzle find items game you should try to play. With a combination of great graphics and a simple and difficult way to play, after each game is a different way to find things. There are lots of items to help you find. Complete the levels you can open gold and score. The unique combination of puzzle games and map finding games will help you increase your quickness. What are you waiting for, don’t try it now! Each screen will definitely give you many new surprises that you didn’t expect find items game. Time for just clocking is not endless if you don’t want the game to end too soon, quickly collect enough items to find yourself .A mysterious and new game world awaits your participation.Finally wish you a great time to play this game and lots of high scores !

Features featured  find items game:

  • HTML5 game is completely free and popular for you find items in a picture game.
  • Beautiful graphics vividly with little romantic mystery fun games for adults .
  • How to play simple many screens and challenges game find items in the picture.
  • Save your achievements playing find items game.

How to play game:

  • Open up your screen and start playing this object-find items game.
  • Use the mouse to select and find lost objects according to instructions find the items in the picture game.
  • At the bottom of the screen are the things you need to find and the time remaining.
  • The game screen will have increasing difficulty so you need to be quick to get gold.

Some screenshots from the game:

find items game

find items in a picture game

find the items in the picture game

A complete game of  find items games objects we can enjoy this game without worrying about being postponed with originality and novelty will definitely help you relax

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The Proposal
5 (100%) 1 vote

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