The top fun game online

The top fun game online
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Fun game online – the game is fun and you can play any time of any free. Here is a list of suggestions for games that are highly rated for entertainment. You can play it, and you will definitely love these fun games on online. Due to the large number of players. Choose a game that you like to kill your free time right now!

The top fun game online – fun games online that are free

1/ World Chef

World Chef for iOS is a fun and free simulation game called “The World Chef”. Download the World Chef for free on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to own a dream restaurant. Hire chefs and prepare delicious food to serve the hottest guests.

Download Cooking Game World Chef:

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This is the special recipe for the first time in the King of Chefs.

Adding new cooking recipes in World Chef simulation fun game online free. This is the special recipe for the first time in the King of Chefs. Added game progress tracking. Collect Popularity Points to unlock new features, upgrade packs and important items. This is the kind of spot that reflects the popularity of the restaurant on the world cuisine map. Explore the new Design Studio. This is where you can make free decorations and arrange in your restaurant to attract diners. Add more VIPs in the restaurant with higher quality of food and service.

If you love simulation fun games online that are free in general and the line builds restaurant management in particular. You will not miss the opportunity to experience World Chef – fun game online for free with beautiful graphics. Vibrant sound and a world of cuisine. colorful colors. This is where convergence of the world famous chefs with the kitchen is always loud with the knife. The smell of food, staffs always smile on the lips, ready to welcome guests.

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The story in the World Chef for iOS is also quite interesting. The fun game online for free is inspired by the little restaurant of his grandfather in childhood memories of the character “I”. When he died, a friend of his grandfather offered to help the small restaurant open to the family tradition. Do not overlook this golden opportunity. You will play the owner of this small restaurant to cook the world famous cuisine. Build and decorate the restaurant as you like to attract customers, gradually expand into a home Large and world famous.

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Start from a nice little restaurant with 2 tables.

Start from a nice little restaurant with 2 tables. A cooking table and a delicate design space. When each of the customers sit at two tables, your task is to find out what customers want to use. And return to the kitchen to make requests for the chef. When the dish is complete, World Chef – fun game online for kids will serve the guests at the table. Wait for the guests to receive the bonus and prepare to welcome new guests.

Once you have earned a certain amount of money. You will go to the Shop to buy new furniture, counters, hire chefs or expand the area of ​​the restaurant. In the shop there are many items divided into groups Chef, Tables, Decoration, Area … for players to choose. Do not forget to buy decorations such as doors, windows, lamps, wall paintings … to create the style of World Chef kitchen!

Key Features of World Chef Simulation Game:

  • Create, customize and manage your own restaurant.
  • Buy fresh ingredients and make them unique.
  • Serving clients from all over the world.
  • Buy and sell recipes with other chefs.

World Chef for iOS is not a fast food store so the fun game online for kids speed is moderate. The dishes are also cooked longer than many other cooking fun games online to play. If you are feeling impatient, you can use diamonds to accelerate these processes. However, the amount of diamonds for new players fun games online play is quite limited. While the IAP package is quite expensive (from $ 0.99 to $ 99.99). If you do not want to spend money on these items. The only way to “plow” the game often to make money from the customers to enjoy food at the restaurant.

Not only does it provide the right food, the chef of the World Chef also has to cater to the guests. Making them feel happy through the smiley face. To do this, you first need to prepare the ingredients for each dish counters so that food is always ready. Next is buying more tables, kitchens and hiring more chefs to serve more guests at the same time. Outside the store, there are always standing waiters waiting to be served. If you wait too long. Guests will automatically leave and go to another restaurant.

2/ Fancy Diver

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Welcome to the Rescue Diver version 3 next version of Rescue Diver fun game online free is currently a lot of you love

Welcome to the Rescue Diver version 3 next version of Rescue Diver fun game online free is currently a lot of you love at to Rescue Diver 3 this is your mission is to find a way to rescue the diver guy is trapped in the ocean floor. Try to get rid of obstacles so the diver can land on the shore before the amount of oxygen is gone!
On the computer use mouse to play. Touch the screen when playing on mobile.

Your goal is to help all the divers reach the top of the screen before they run out of oxygen. Click on the coral color groups (3 or more) to remove them. Eliminate the big coral groups to earn the special mines and other powerups!

Playing this fun games online for kids helps children to be smart by hand, improving their logical thinking. In addition, this fun game online for free also helps children explore the world more.

3/ Lionheart: Dark Moon

Recently, Lionheart: Dark Moon has officially been released for free on the Google Play app store. Lionheart: The Dark Moon is the next sequel to the successful Lionheart Tactic, which debuted in 2014. At this time, Lionheart Tactics –  fun game online for kids was born with a tactical role-playing fun game online free with context and graphics. Influenced by classic titles like Final Fantasy VII or Disgaea.

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Those who are fans of the fun games online to play collection Hero

Those who are fans of the fun game online free collection Hero. Forming a team would certainly be easy to familiarize with the virtual world of Lionheart: Dark Moon when the game provides more than 100 generals with different storylines. for the players to explore.

The game is a fan-art hybrid strategy for Mobile

Story of the Lionheart: Dark Moon takes the player into the task of destroying and repelling the dark forces by destroying Shards of Whisper. Players can bring in up to 4 generals in their squad. So players need to select the right Hero, complement each other is essential factors to the final victory. As mentioned, Lionheart: Dark Moon still shows the clear impact of Final Fantasy VII. But the graphics quality has made a significant breakthrough. All characters are built with beautiful 3D visuals like fan-art. Cubes are not too complex but full of personality and sophistication. Along with that is the movement is done carefully. The effect of beautiful but not too ostentatious skills, all created a picture of the label at hand fun game online for kids.

Try to collect valuable rewards after completing story-based missions, successful boss battles. Or participating in events and events that take place in the fun game online for free to receive countless valuable trophies. Strengthening the equipment and skills of the character becomes stronger. In addition to the regular PvE mode, Lionheart: The Dark Moon also features a flamboyant PvP feature that allows you to compete against other players in the world. In addition, new features such as Guild, Guild Wars, Weekly Events, etc. are also expected to emerge in the coming time.

The top fun game online
5 (100%) 2 votes

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