Top 4 fun game on pc

Top 4 fun game on pc
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Fun game on pc – Game technology is growing. Accordingly, these games are increasingly popular with fans. This is quite handy when we can spare time and play some interesting little games. The fun game for pc not only helps you to kill time, but it also brings comfort to you. Here are some small suggestions on what fun games you can play at any time.

Top 4 fun game on pc – fun game for pc

1/ Block Craft 3D

Block Craft 3D is a free-for-all-action adventure fun games for teens for fun-loving Minecraft-styled players. Game Block Craft 3D – fun game for pc allows you to create exciting designs, search for precious resources like diamonds or mines, build, fight, move, fly, jump … and everything. free.

Join Block Craft 3D – fun game on pc , you will be in the world of adventure to save yourself. The fun games for kids is divided day and night with two tasks to survive and build for each moment. Through the resources collected in the open world you will build the works of great personalities. This is your own world and there is no limit to that creativity.

fun game on pc

LastCraft Survival is also a fun game on pc that has a MinCraft-style graphics design

The game is suitable for all ages

3D Block Craft is especially suitable for kids and teens as it stimulates the imagination and creativity of the players. This fun games for girls requires patience and meticulousness to build the complete world from a vacant land. Reproduce the world is lively, beautiful to comfortably adventure and explore the works, objects in it.

LastCraft Survival is also a fun game on pc that has a MinCraft-style graphics design. But is more of a survival factor, and the mission of the player in LastCraft Survival is to survive as long as possible in the face of many more threats. 50 types of zombies and monsters always stalk and destroy you at any time.

In addition, Block Craft 3D also features a simple control system that makes it easy to create objects, items, weapons … for life and fighting in the open world. You can play the fun game to play on pc all day to receive bonuses, build houses, castles, towers and more whenever you want.

2/ Gold Miner

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Each treasure or gold will have different scores. If you do not get enough points in the most fun games, you lose.

Gold Miner is a light-hearted the fun game on pc online  in which you will go “digging” the treasures and gold to gain the required score for a specified time to pass the game. Each treasure or gold will have different scores. If you do not get enough points in the most fun games, you lose.

You also need to pay attention to avoid obstacles, they will waste your time. The larger the gold block, the higher the score, but will also increase the time to pull them up. Between each level of play, you can buy tools that will help you in higher level rounds. However, you also need to consider to retain your score to easily achieve the goal of overcoming the next round – fun game download pc.

Controls – most fun games multiplayer

You will look in the direction of the rope’s movement and when it’s toward the gold or treasure chest. Press the down arrow key on the keyboard to throw the gold chain. If hit, the gold or treasure will be automatically pulled up, if not hit, the wire will also be recovered.

When you hit the obstacles, you can use the tools you have bought to quickly destroy the obstacles, which you can use once.

The use of tools

  • Fury: Fast destroying the object being pulled up.
  • Clover: Increases your chances of finding objects under secret pockets.
  • Diamond Polishing: Increase the value of the diamond compared to gold.
  • Rock’n’roll books: The rocks will be priceless as gold.
  • Energy Drink: Increases the power of easily pulling items up to quickly pass the round.

3/ Beach Buggy Racing

Beach Buggy Racing – fun game on pc is a fun and totally free racing game for mobile devices. In fact, this fun run game on pc is the sequel to Beach Buggy Blitz, the speed game has been very successful with over 30 million downloads on many platforms. Therefore, players can be completely assured of the level of attraction Beach Buggy Racing brings.

Similar to the previous game, Beach Buggy Racing has quite intuitive gameplay. By default you just tilt the screen to the right, left and touch a few areas on the screen to brake the car. However, the player can switch to touch screen mode to control the car or can plug in external controller to play games if available.

In this fun game on pc, the most obvious difference is that the player controls very adorable karts and runs on sandy beaches. This point may make some passions enthusiasts feel frustrated. But do not rush to toying with a fun game, otherwise you’ll miss a fun car games.

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fun game on pc

In fact, the scene and scene in Beach Buggy Racing is exactly the style of children’s animation

In fact, the scene and scene in Beach Buggy Racing is exactly the style of children’s animation, as this fun game for pc is aimed at players of all ages, but the gameplay and the situation in the fun game on pc is absolutely not split. different ages where. You may have been a student, but if not skillful enough, it would be hard to beat kids in the Beach Buggy Racing races.

That’s because the Beach Buggy Racing racetracks always contain interesting surprises, regardless of age, it also needs a quick reflection to handle. And of course, on this road, not only the players but also the many other drivers, each with a different personality, leading to their racing style is also very diverse.

On Beach Buggy Racing’s flaming racetrack, you will have the opportunity to collect many exciting power-ups, making the race even more exciting. Along with that, players can unlock and upgrade many different cars, from the sand truck to the “monster truck”.

In addition, they can race on 12 different 3D races, participate in one of six racing modes in the most fun games and compete with many other opponents to satisfy passion of speed.

Download Beach Buggy Racing for Android today to race on the hot tropical islands anytime, anywhere.

Here are some key features of Beach Buggy Racing for Android:

Interesting light car racing:

Players can show off their silk steering wheel, coupled with flexible use of power-ups to finish the first goal. Beach Buggy Racing does not just stop at the level of a regular 3D game, but the dynamics in the fun game for pc make the race even more authentic.

Customize your favorite race car:

Winning each race will bring players a significant bonus. You can accumulate this amount and use it to buy and upgrade your racing car at will. The collection of vehicles in Beach Buggy Racing – fun game on pc is quite plentiful, from monster trucks to muscle cars or even lunar exploration vehicles.

Supports a lot of power-ups:
Players can use up to 25 types of power-up types to put their car up the lead race.

Bike ride on 12 majestic races:
You can explore the many exciting racetracks in Beach Buggy Racing, from the dinosaur-like jungles, volcanic eruptions to poetic beaches and marshes. Especially in each track this hidden track a lot of shortcuts and other interesting surprises.

Team building:

fun game on pc

Players can recruit other racers to form their own team.

Players can recruit other racers to form their own team. Then, there will be many racers in the track with special abilities such as instant teleport, fire races or confusing spells.

Race with many others in split screen mode:

Players can race on their shoulders with up to four other racers via an Android TV or tablet phone / TV connected to the TV (in-game purchase required to unlock).

Sync your account with the Google Play Game Service:

The achievements, the race process of the player fun game on pc will be synchronized and saved in the cloud. At the same time, you can also choose your opponents through the rankings here.

Customize play:

Beach Buggy Racing supports the following game modes: tilt the machine to race, touch the screen to control the car, or use the USB / Bluetooth gamepad. In addition, players can customize 3D graphics settings to optimize their gaming experience.

Top 4 fun game on pc
5 (100%) 2 votes

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