Top fun game apps for kids

Top fun game apps for kids
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Fun game apps – Your favorite role-playing genres are sure to not miss some of the cool games we’ve covered below. Blend various elements of exciting, interesting, fun. The game will win the hearts of players after the first time. Wait until you choose a game that you like right?

Top fun game apps for kids – fun games for kids online

1/ Khan Wars

Khan Wars is a real-time MMO strategy game, with support for XS Software’s developer browser.

The context in Khan Wars is medieval in European countries, in which players will be selected one of nine countries to build and develop. Your task is to manage your kingdom and take it to world hegemony.

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Your task is to manage your kingdom and take it to world hegemony.

There are 9 countries for players to choose from: Bulgarian, French, German, Gothic, Byzantine, Brittan, Arabic, Lithuanian and Russian. Along with 23 battle units and other elements, 15 works, 11 skills for your hero, market, world, clan, playground organization … give the player a great experience. Thanks.

Entering Khan Wars, fun game apps for adults will have to create their own heroes by signing up for a free account. You will then choose a country to manage and govern. At first you will be suggested to build a building to help in gathering resources.

After possessing their own empire, players must rush to build, create labor to build houses, collect resources. Gamers need to wait a while to complete the construction of a building and then build more (this rule applies also to the battle).

In Khan Wars – fun game apps for free , the specific tasks of the player are to build strong unions. Divide and conquer the enemy, hold the match using the army. And coordinate actions with your allies to advance. Take on the fierce battle and win.

Interesting game genre, attractive

The player should note, if you win another player’s territory, you will have access to resources in that area. This is the best way to help you fortify your property, provide wood, stone or metal for your main land.

Players can try different strategies, participate in the virtual world of the fun game apps for free. And find new friends from all over the world with the ultimate goal of finding the most worthy person to lead the whole of Europe. great.

Khan Wars requires a lot of tactics and is crucial to the player’s success. So players have to keep a close eye on the gameplay as well as try harder on levels after the difficulty has increased.

Khan Wars allows players to customize their appearance and build their Hero skills by acquiring skill points based on experience gained. This allows the player to build a powerful army to easily defeat the enemy, but beware of the Heroes of other countries.

Khan Wars is a 2D-based game with a tight layout and good visual effects. The picture is good, simple and easy to use; The player fun game apps free interface is simple but smooth. Although you do not develop the audio, you can easily replace the music with your personal music library any day.

VIP players pay a premium to get more advantages over other free players. However, Khan Wars also allows free players to play in VIP status in the early days. So take advantage of this to develop your country and force.

Khan Wars is a sophisticated and elaborate tactical webgame with a variety of complex and diverse elements that will enable you to build your own kingdom.

2/ Teeworlds

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However, there is a difference that Teeworlds is played in real time.

Teeworlds is a free online multiplayer fun game apps to play with friends that supports up to 16 players competing in a variety of game modes including Team Deathmatch and Capture The Flag. You can even design your own maps. The latest version offers gamers a very cute screen to welcome and encourage players to set their names and favorite settings before playing the fun game apps for iphone for the first time. The game has some compatibility with the Worms series. However, there is a difference that Teeworlds is played in real time.

You can play Teeworld using both mouse and keyboard – A / D to move your Tee to the left and right. W / spacebar helps Tee jump high. Initially equipped with a wooden hammer and a pistol. Wooden hammer is stronger but needs to be close to the enemy while the pistol shoots far but weaker damage. When you run around the map. You will find more powerful weapons such as shotgun, grenade launcher, laser rifle or Katana.

3/ Shark Panic

You can cliking here: fun game apps for android

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It requires you to think well in order to overcome the challenges of Shark Panic- fun game apps

Exit Shark is a very addictive intellectual fun game for kids genre. With simple and easy to play and simple gameplay. It requires you to think well in order to overcome the challenges of Shark Panic. Control the boat so skillfully that it will not reach the sharks, and quickly move the boat to where you will win.

How to play Shark Panic

Your task in the Shark Panic – fun game apps for android is to move the boat to the finish line, calculating the fastest way to land without the shark having the opportunity to reach and attack you.

Use the left mouse to control the paddle character.

On your mobile phone: You can use your hand to touch the screen to play.

4/ Boom Online

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As a 2D game, Boom Online requires very light configuration.

Considered to be the first online game developed by VNG for casual gamers, Boom Online has inherited the style of the boom (Bomberman) fun game apps for freethat is so popular on the console market. However, instead of using bombs, in Boom Online people will fight with each other with bubbles of extreme fun. As the product of the successful Nexon (Korea), Boom Online has a graphics style and gameplay is very cute, fun and full of laughter.

The story tells of the boys in the Bong Bong Village who are determined to fight the evil pirate by using water bubbles as a weapon.
As a 2D game, Boom Online requires very light configuration. Any networked computer can play. In addition, the graphics engine of the fun game apps for free in a cute style, lovely, suitable for all kinds of gamers.

Dramatic confrontation

Equipped with water bubbles, the player’s task is to make the enemy “choke water” to win. Surely the game in Boom Online not only excited, but also created a great laugh.

Top fun game apps for kids
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