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Doggy Dive
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Doggy Dive  discover the amazing underwater world in Doggy Dive! Come down and dive as deep as you can online dog games. Collect bubbles and coins and avoid dangers such as poisoned jellyfish, swordfish and sharks. Prove your skills and get high scores!  Join the deep-sea dive dog to overcome traps and sharks. A fun-filled arcade action online dog game that you will be playing right now In the game you will help the deepest dive dog possible. A lot of obstacles can stop you. The thing to do is to maintain the bubble to add breathing air to the dog .Finally, when you try to play it once in your free time can help you entertain and have a high level of addictive, try to see exactly what the game brings. Wish you play happily and get the highest possible score in this exciting game diving game online .

Features featuredb online dog game:

  • HTML5 game is completely free for you and the mechanic dog fun games for kids.
  • The game has 2D images and fits all devices for you swimming online game .
  • Many attractive features for you to play best online dog game.
  • Save your achievements and scores after the game swimming online games.

How to play game:

  • Open your screen and start the underwater adventure game with the dog.
  • Use two navigation keys to left or right to avoid obstacles and sea monsters.
  • Get lots of income to get good grades online dog game.
  • If you get hit by a sea animal, you will lose the bubble to increase your survival online dog game .

Some screenshots from the game:

online dog game

online dog games

swimming online game

How far is a swimming action online dog game with a fun dog you play during this time? Try playing more exciting games that we can bring to you!

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Doggy Dive
5 (100%) 1 vote

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