The top cool fun addicting games

The top cool fun addicting games
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Cool fun addicting games – here is a list of suggestions for games that are highly rated for entertainment. You can play it, and you will definitely love these fun girl games. Due to the large number of players. Choose a game that you like to kill your free time right now!

The top cool fun addicting games – fun games online free

1/ Gone Fireflies

Tragedy is a part of life, because not everyone lives in harmony. Pain can cause us to fall, to make us fall down, but also to make us stronger, mature, and help us understand ourselves better. But how many are willing to experience the pain to the extreme, enough to change a whole person? That is also why literary works exploit a lot of stories, so readers to enjoy the “should also not” experience.

cool fun addicting games

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If the classic stuff like art literature do not have the mark of modern times like video cool fun addicting games are poor, humble. And the Gone Fireflies is one such game that exploits a touching storyline that is sad to open up a lot of contemplation.

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Tragedy challenges life

Gone Fireflies is a simple cool fun addicting games, built to spin the lives of two families. James Reed. A private carpenter who received a midnight call to investigate a suicide of a girl. And the disappearance of her husband – Thomas May. Have you ever imagined a detective story or a horror story? Oh yes, because what fate sets for the two men is indeed “horror.”

Along the way, you will gradually realize that destiny, especially the moments that determine their lives, are intertwined. From the moment of sadness and joy, to the happy times, the great hope, and even when all the light suddenly rekindled. All the markers of their life are as positive as they are tied together.

Along the story, you will be deciding the choices. They can be simple conversations, light decisions, but there are options that will lay the groundwork for the end of the cool fun addicting games. And it is from these choices that you can understand more about yourself.

Video games are not books or novels because they have so-called “interactive”. You can immerse yourself in a story in the book. But to important moments, you can not “bend” the character as you like? But video games allow you to do that, allowing you to choose, allowing yourself to see a part of yourself in that story. Will you choose vengeance or forgiveness, will you choose the next step or gnawing lonely? Only one way: experience the Gone Fireflies.

Also, as for honoring the soul of the story, the graphics of the cool fun addicting games are also “painted” should be quite detailed, detailed. And when combined with the sad music of the game … oh, how sad, how tragic.

2/ Earn to Die Lite

Download the game Earn to Die for free and drive your way to the exit of the pandemic Zombie that is raging everywhere. Test your driving skills and enjoy the best immersive racing cool fun addicting games on your Android and iOS mobile devices. This best-in-class racing action game will definitely not disappoint.

cool fun addicting games

If you love to feel strong, then Earn to Die -cool fun addicting games will be the choice can not be more perfect.

Something better than sitting in the car and crushing all the time the zombie is suddenly waiting for you and the car. They are fierce and bloodthirsty, but they are clogged and clogged by the death of their husbands. But the challenge is equally difficult to drive the idea is hard to imagine when just avoiding the zombies, overcome the obstacles and drive the car up the hill and jump from the vertical slope down. If you love to feel strong, then Earn to Die –cool fun addicting games will be the choice can not be more perfect.

The game is absolutely fun and suitable for all ages

Contextual gameplay takes place as many Zombie fun games online free you often see. You get stuck in the car when trying to escape from the living corpses walk. Of course, only driving and driving by the way seems endless. If you stop you will lose! With the car and a little money you need to try to drive to escape and to live!

If you’ve ever played Hill Climb Racing on the go, you can not afford to miss out on Earn to Die. Applying the physical mechanics and simple controls, this cool fun addicting games has grown to a higher level as it incorporates more elements than simply driving and upgrading the car.

Earn to Die is not just a fun ride through the zombies, it also allows you to earn money to upgrade, unlock and customize your car. Make it stronger! You can even add guns, rockets and other auxiliaries to go faster, stronger and farther.

How to play the game

Earn to Die Lite – fun games online free play version lets you play the first level in Free Story Mode. If you pass the test successfully, do not miss the full version of Earn to Die to be able to:

Play the rest in Story Mode. You can drive across the country to find safe haven.
Get 8 more cars including racing cars, trucks and even a bus
Upgrade the parts of the car: you just unlock a car and gradually refine the parts of them.
Lots of zombies to go through. But you have to make sure your car can stop them
Race against time to win the championship in Championship Mode
Can you survive in the apocalyptic world? Download free cool fun addicting games and try your luck now.

3/  Fruita Swipe 2

You can clicking here cool fun addicting games

cool fun addicting games

Cute picture, easy to attract children.

The fun games online free no download looks rather strange, but it is very familiar to many players. This cool fun addicting games to play on computer is suitable for all ages. Especially with children. By the fun games online free for kids is built with many attractive colors. Cute picture, easy to attract children.

The fun games online free for girls is very simple, you just connect the flowers into a straight line of at least three flowers. This will help you get a good score if you match the same flower. This fun games for kids free online is very suitable for those who have free time to kill their time. The game is also very suitable for children. By playing games, children will train themselves for agility and ability to think very well.

  • Click and drag on connecting the fruits to draw a straight line. Release the mouse to collect the fruit. Collect the fruits you need before you run out of moves.
  • Playing this game helps children to be smart by hand, improving their logical thinking. In addition, this cool fun addicting games to play on computer also helps children explore the world more.
The top cool fun addicting games
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