Snow Smasher

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Snow Smasher
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Snow Smasher   is our first breakout game online. Your task is to collect all the bonuses and destroy all the ice cubes, but be careful: You only have three lives. Train your reaction skills thanks to the winter rebirth of classic breakout game online! It’s nice to meet friends with snowballs, but you can use them in other behaviors when there are not many people outside. These blocks made of ice and snow can become part of an exciting game, because the virtual world allows them to not tear after the first shot, which can not happen in the game. real world. Destroy all the blocks using the ball, collect power and score as many points in this winter game His fun game will help you get rid of stress after a hard day’s work. This game was developed for a free game. No doubt try it and enjoy it now! Good luck and have fun!

Features featured breakout game online :

  • Snowball games are completely free for you on the screen fun games for girls.
  • Smooth picture game like Christmas brick breaking game free .
  • The breakout game online simply serves as a shadow and destroys the ice wall.
  • Keep track of your playing achievements with snowballs.

How to play game:

  • Turn on your monitor and start the ice-breaking breakout game online.
  • Move the Christmas stick to keep the snowball from falling.
  • When the ice wall is destroyed you can receive bonus items such as fireballs.
  • Break as many ice walls as you will get more points brick breaking games breakout game online .

Some screenshots from the game:

breakout game online

brick breaking game

brick breaking games

Snowball is a great game for you to relax in the busy day a fun game with snow .Thank you for visiting so many entertaining games that you can try !

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Snow Smasher
5 (100%) 1 vote

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