Bunny Quest

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Bunny Quest
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Bunny Quest help the little rabbit achieve his goal! In this cute puzzle rabbit game, your task is to move the blocks and create the path with the least number of moves. Remember to collect all the carrots on your way and finish 80 increasingly difficult levels! If you’re stuck, use one of the available tips. Can you get all the golden carrots and finish the rabbit game? Bunny Quest is a game where we have to create a path for a little bunny by pressing blocks. On the way, we should collect as many carrots as possible or even better eat them. That’s why we use a “mouse” or “finger” to move blocks until we build a bridge to the destination. Please try this exciting and exciting game on your computer to wish you a good time bunny rabbit game.

Features featured rabbit game:

  • Free HTML5 games for you to play in your free time game for rabbit.
  • 80 levels for you to play with game rabbit fun games for girls.
  • Graphic cute funny sounds with rabbit game.
  • Save your achievements when playing fun games.

How to play game:

  • Open your computer and start playing games with white rabbits.
  • Use the mouse to move the ground so the rabbit can eat carrots rabbit game.
  • Use search assistance when you have trouble building a rabbit path.
  • This is a timed game where you need to build roads for the fastest carrots to eat.

Some screenshots from the rabbit game:

rabbit game

game rabbit

game for rabbit

A cute and fun game with many levels playing with the white bunny rabbit games, complete the puzzles and bring the carrots back. You can refer to some other games.

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Bunny Quest
5 (100%) 1 vote

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