Daisy Plumber Puzzle

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Daisy Plumber Puzzle
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Daisy Plumber Puzzle snow melts, and life in the wild begins anew: in our 5 best spring plumber game you can celebrate one of the most pleasant seasons in a completely different way. Do you like puzzles, do you like cards or do you like gardening? This is something for every spring spirit! Here’s how spring: in the plumber’s puzzler Daisy you help the girls sprinkle flowers happily, making the garden look neat. In this logic plumber game, turn the pipes to the right place to bring the water to cool to the target. Many levels still bring new challenges, and desire trees will be grateful! Daisy needs your help to get water for sleeping flowers! Use your plumber’s skills to change the pipe layout so that the water runs from the tap to the thirsty flower. The whole family will be satisfied with this arrangement

Features featured plumber game :

  • The game is free and popular on all devices for you fun game for girl .
  • 60 levels for you to play happily plumber the game.
  • Simple gameplay like planting trees.
  • Save your achievements for the duration of the free plumber game .

How to play game:

  • Turn on your monitor and start playing watering plumber game for this flower.
  • Use the mouse to move the water pipes so that the water leads to the flower buds.
  • Time is limited, you need to create a fast water path plumber pipe game.
  • The faster you get, the more stars you will get plumber game free .

Some screenshots from the game:

plumber game

plumber the game

plumber game free

Plumber games like cute gardeners let you play water the flowers to develop interesting colors.

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Daisy Plumber Puzzle
5 (100%) 1 vote

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