Cute Puzzle Witch

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Cute Puzzle Witch
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Cute Puzzle Witch  An interesting puzzle witch for ladies as jewelers can you keep up with all the magic blocks? Make them disappear the fastest !Wands ready for children? Misery and charming action are guaranteed! Will you manage the challenge? Click groups of 3 or more to magically squeeze the blocks. Watch out, do not let them reach the top! Congratulations for clicking! Lily loves riding on a broom and visiting the city! But the best thing is that he likes to test his magic and poison and practice his magic! In this mobile game you need to use Lily’s magic power to solve puzzles when she finds the best way to disappear these falling colored blocks.

Features featured puzzle witch:

  • The most popular magic screen game fun games for girls.
  • cute pictures how to play lively puzzle magic game .
  • Record performance after the cute puzzle witch.
  • A puzzle game that fits every device magic puzzle game .

How to play game:

  • Open up your screen and start off with amazing jade cute puzzle game.
  • Select the same colors and blocks using the mouse to break the magic.
  • You have 3 moves of blocks to complete the level puzzle witch.
  • When the target finishes above you will win and move the level.

Some screenshots from the game:

puzzle witch

cute puzzle witch

puzzle magic game

An interesting puzzle game for girls you can discover many other interesting games with your friends.

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Cute Puzzle Witch
5 (100%) 2 votes

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