Euro Penalty 2016

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Euro Penalty 2016
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Euro Penalty 2016  football, or in a place called football penalty games, is the most important accompanying program in the world. Many fans, regardless of whether they are enthusiastic players or fans, have a tendency to compare this with art. And less poetic people will say that football is a way of life. The penalty gamesstarts in the group stage, and the first two teams from each group will enter the knockout phase. The four teams that took the third place with the highest score in the group stage will also be able to take part in the knockout rounds. In the group stage the match ends when both teams shoot five times to the goal. In the knockout phase, the winner is one with the most successful goals after five attempts. If the result is a tie, the shooting continues on the “goal to the goal” penalty games soccer .

Game features penalty games:

  • Best football game and completely free for you to play fun games for boys.
  • Simple sound graphics but full of football game easy to play.
  • 32 countries for you to choose your team penalty game.
  • Save your achievements and scores with the penalty games.

How to play penalty games:

  • Open your screen and get ready for this exciting soccer games online.
  • Use the mouse to direct high altitude and the goal into the goal.
  • There are 5 shots and help the ball pay attention to the hand in the goal frame to block the ball.
  • The higher the score, the higher the score penalty games.

Some screenshots from the game:

 penalty games

penalty games soccer

penalty game

A good and attractive soccer game for you to try like a professional world player and you can refer to some other penalty games.

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Euro Penalty 2016
5 (100%) 1 vote

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