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Hanger a new swinging game on the Internet. Help your stickman to turn from platform to platform with a rope. Avoid sharp objects, trying to go as far as possible while keeping your limbs! When you lose all chi, this is the final swinging game for you. Try to beat your best result with each successive try.Use your rope to rotate each level. Strong winds, falling stones, trains and other things are on your way. But in any case, you have to go to the end. The swinging games is very sensitive to vibrations, because the physical properties of gravity are well developed. You will lose your limbs like in a bloody flash game when you hit the surface or other obstacles. Mastering this level on a different level, discovering new secrets and skills

Features featured in swinging game:

  • HTML5 swinging game  are free for you to play hanger game.
  • Picture unique play difficult game swinging fun games for boys.
  • Unlock the 4 remaining characters when you have gold swinging monkey game.
  • Faster than when you cross the white levels synonymous play will be harder.
  • Save your achievement when you finish swinging game.

How to play game:

  • Turn on your monitor and click on play to start climbing with the stickman swinging game.
  • Click the left mouse button to swing the stickman for the climb.
  • On the way there will be a lot of challenges and challenges for you to dodge it.
  • Pass the levels to collect gold to open other characters swinging game.

Some screenshots in game:

swinging game

swinging games

game swinging

A unique game right you can not entertain with it and there are many other exciting stickman games you can pass.

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