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Lectro  is a minimalist game that requires your attention and skills. It is easy to learn. Thanks to simple one-touch control, your goal is to move from one colored dot to the next. Take the challenge and beat the best result! This browser game is designed mainly for recording in boring times. Their gameplay is so simple that you do not really need a lot of brain energy to fully grasp the mechanism, unless it’s a puzzle game, of course minimalist games. Their controls are often lowered with simple touch gestures or screen shifts minimalist game. And most importantly, they do not offer much information about history or history. And then there are games like Lectro that give the simplicity a completely new meaning. The most difficult part is the situation when the target ball (the ball does not have a rotating arrow) is much smaller.

Features featured minimalist game:

  • Free HTML5 games unique to you  fun games for adults.
  • Best sound visuals for simplified games.
  • Infinite game and a monochrome score minimalist game.
  • Save your playing achievements in time arcade game online.

How to play game :

  • Open your screen up and start playing this minimalist game.
  • Use the mouse to notice the direction of the arrow to orient the dot’s flight path.
  • Stars for dots can touch the same parking point on the screen arcade game mini .
  • Difficulty will increase so try to touch the most to get the high score minimalist game.

Some screenshots in game:

 minimalist game

minimalist games

arcade game online

If you are having free time, try playing this best minimalistic game that is very interesting and unique to us, and you can refer to some other good minimalist game.

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