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Square Stacker
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Square Stacker place the squares on the board and try to match three or more squares of the same color in a row to remove them from the game. Continue to build the squares until you finish and the game stack is over! A funny puzzle game in which you have to put strategies in order to get the best result. How to play: tap or click and drag to place squares. This is one of our favorite mobile puzzle games in which we have to play. Just click the big play button to start the game stack. If you want more such games, see Color Cell or Funny Faces game stack. To play more free games, check out our comprehensive page with the best games. You try to play it once to relax a good game and very interesting for you in your spare time . Squares use the same color for bonus points. The game ends when there is no room for placing a square. Can you delete the board? Have fun.

Features featured game stack :

  • This puzzle game is completely free for you stack online game .
  • New unique sound graphics game of stack fun games for boys.
  • Many levels and ways to play for you to discover game stack blocks .
  • Save your playing achievements after the game screen.

How to play game stack:

  • Open your computer screen and get ready to play a puzzle game .
  • Use moving blocks so that they are the same color as horizontal or vertical.
  • It is possible to stack 3 blocks of the same color on each other to break game stack.
  • The difficulty will increase as you break down as many blocks stack game online.

Some screenshots from the game:

game stack

game of stack

game stack blocks

One of the many exciting game stack we want for you is like a puzzle game so you can explore it. Leave your achievements.

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Square Stacker
5 (100%) 1 vote

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