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Babel build your own Tower of Babel! The goal of this interesting arcade build tower game is to build the highest structure in the world. Place each block carefully and set higher and higher positions. Make sure it is as accurate as possible and beat the best result! The Tower of Babel puts you in the position of an ancient architect who is trying to build your creativity to the next level build tower game . When the next level passes through the game, tap the appropriate time to place it. It is too early or too late and one piece will be dropped, which makes the building even more difficult. This game increases with difficulty when you move higher and the floor moves faster and faster. Use the money earned in the building, you can buy rewards of help, such as insurance, reverse and repeat.

Features featured build tower game:

  • HTML5 game completely free towering game fun games for adults .
  • Delicate sound with beautiful towering style.
  • How to play simply build a tower game .
  • Save your highest building  build tower game performance.

How to play game:

  • Turn your screen on and start building the tower.
  • Touch the right time to place it as high as possible build the tower game.
  • Placing too early or too late will make the build tower game piece fall off
  • This is a fast paced game that is all you need stack tower game .

Some screenshots from the game:

build tower game

build the tower game

build a tower game

A fun and addictive tower-building game as your summit and winner of a fast and hard building game.

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